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Research proves PROTEK GI’s effectiveness for ulcer-prone horses

When you ask the questions, we listen!

The top three questions consistently asked about gut health supplements for use in horses with, or carrying a history of ulcers, are:

  1. Is this product backed by science?”

  2. What evidence is there to prove it works?", and

  3. "Will this supplement do what it says it will?”

Kelato is the ONLY company that can confidently answer all of these. And here is why PROTEK GI is the ONLY supplement you can trust to manage the ongoing health of your ulcer-prone horse.

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PROTEK GI is now the only supplement on the market with 2 peer-reviewed, clinical trials supporting its use!” says Professor Ben Sykes BSc BVMS MS MBA DipACVIM PhD FHEA.

1) PROTEK GI is backed by science

Not only is PROTEK GI already supported by one peer-reviewed clinical trial but now there are TWO!

2) What evidence is there to support PROTEK GI?

Research shows PROTEK GI reduced the recurrence rate of squamous ulcers.

A recent study showed the impact of stopping omeprazole and the use of PROTEK GI on the recurrence of ulcers in a high-risk population of racing Thoroughbreds.

The authors found:

  • The rate of recurrence of squamous ulcers was greater in horses that had stopped the use of omeprazole 3 days before a race than those that stopped just on race day
  • Squamous ulcers returned to pre-treatment levels in as little as 3 days
  • AND when PROTEK GI was fed to these horses the recurrence rate of squamous ulcers reduced from 83% in Part 1 to 43% in Part 2 of the study

Why is this research important?

Now, we not only know the impact of stopping important medications like omeprazole on stomach health, but we also have another research-proven tool in our toolbox to support horses with ulcers.

The more options we have to take the best care of our horses that we can trust, the better!



3) Will PROTEK GI do what it says it will?

PROTEK GI is the ONLY product on the American market with its unique formulation.

Heard world-leading EGUS expert Professor Ben Sykes talk about “alkaline slime” in gut health supplements? Well, PROTEK GI is the only supplement that has it!

A blend of the perfect amount of pectin, lecithin, and antacids creates the FAMOUS “Alkaline Slime” that is found only in PROTEK GI.

The ingredients act as coating agents which are key for ulcer-prone horses, and they work by forming a barrier over the stomach wall to help:

  • Protect it from acid burn
  • Buffer stomach pH to reduce irritation to the lining
  • Strengthen the mucosal lining

PROTEK GI also supports hindgut health. It includes a unique Agrimos® prebiotic and Levucell SC® S.cerevisiae SC l-1077 probiotic which work together to help:

  • Reduce lactic acid in the hindgut (stabilize pH)
  • Stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria
  • Stabilize the hindgut microflora balance in favor of good bacteria
  • Optimize feed conversion efficiency (great for improving body condition)

Money Saver

An additional benefit to using PROTEK GI in your horse’s diet is that his ability to absorb and utilize nutrients goes up!

Better feed utilization à less feed wastage à save money by feeding smaller amounts of feed but with the same results! * 

What next?

You can find out more about PROTEK GI HERE or reach out to our team at info@protekgi.com  

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*Remember to ensure all nutrient levels are maintained if you plan to change your horse’s diet.   

Shan, R.; Steel, C.M.; Sykes, B. The Impact of Two Recommended Withholding Periods for Omeprazole and the Use of a Nutraceutical Supplement on Recurrence of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome in Thoroughbred Racehorses. Animals 2023, 13, 1823. https://doi.org/10.3390/ani13111823