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Designed for horses for TOTAL digestive health and during times of gastrointestinal (GI) upset.

What is PROTEK GI?
PROTEK GI is Kelato's ultimate supplement, targeting both foregut and hindgut health. The research shows that daily supplementation with PROTEK GI reduces the incidence and severity of gastric ulcers. 

PROTEK GI's unique formulation targets foregut and hindgut health by providing “coating agents” that form an “alkaline slime” barrier over the stomach wall to help protect against acid burn while buffering gastric acid and strengthening the mucosal lining. Levucell SC® yeast probiotic and Agrimos® yeast prebiotic work synergistically to help reduce lactic acid in the hindgut (stabilizing hindgut pH) and stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria.

PROTEK GI is formulated in collaboration with world-leading EGUS authority Professor Ben Sykes (BSc BVMS MS MBA DipACVIM PhD FHEA).

Managing the transition period while coming off omeprazole

What’s the new research saying?

  • The risk of squamous ulcers returning is highest in the 2–4 days following omeprazole treatment. A strong focus on management practices can be implemented to protect the stomach during this time, but omeprazole tapering may be a thing of the past. Click HERE to check out this new research.
  • In highly ulcerogenic environments, squamous ulcers can return to pre-treatment levels in as little as 3 days. To read on this research click HERE.
  • Transitioning to PROTEK GI (also known as GastroAID Recovery) when you need to stop omeprazole, has been shown to reduce the recurrence rate of squamous ulcers in a high-risk population of racehorses. To read more on this research click HERE.

Minimize the risk of squamous ulcers returning in the crucial 2 – 4 day window after stopping omeprazole with PROTEK GI.

PROTEK GI 11.5lb (5.25kg) is the perfect transition size! This tub will give your horse a 3-week supply* during the highest period of ulcer recurrence post omeprazole treatment.

*based on the recommended feeding rate for a 1100lb (500kg) horse

Looking for a long-term supply of PROTEK GI? We have got you covered with a 23lb (10.5kg) size.


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
VT rider
Works great

Put my gelding on this for a grade 3 ulcer. He has never been better under saddle! I’m keeping him on this Several other people in the barn have also been using it. Game changer for the ulcer prone horse!!

Morgan Geller


Heather singh


Morgan Cook
Seems to work great.

So far I feel like the product is working really well. I wish there was another form of the product other than the powder, I struggled to get my mare to eat such a large quantity of powder mixed in food, and I have to soak it.

Elizabeth Afams
Ulcersso much better

No colic in many months. Ulcers are under control. Very happy

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