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PROTEK GI and PROTEK HG: Two great gut products with different functions

With the release of PROTEK HG, Kelato’s range now consists of two products: PROTEK GI and PROTEK HG. Both products are made with research-proven ingredients that promote optimal gut health in the horse.

Each product is made with a slightly different target in mind and to choose the best match for your horse, let’s first discuss a few key features of the equine digestive tract.

Defining characteristics of the horse’s foregut and hindgut

The horse’s digestive system can be easily characterized by two main sections – the foregut and hindgut. The foregut encompasses the oesophagus, stomach, and small intestine, while the hindgut consists of the cecum, colon, and rectum. The foregut and hindgut are susceptible to unique health challenges that are best supported by different ingredients. The stomach is home to squamous ulcers and glandular lesions that can be supported through buffering agents and stomach lining protectant ingredients. The hindgut is home to the vast microbiome that benefits from pre-, pro- & post-biotic nourishment, in addition to high-quality fiber and various other nutrients to support healthy function.  For these reasons, we have developed PROTEK GI and PROTEK HG to offer tailored solutions targeting different areas of the digestive tract to best support the needs of your horse.


Horse's digestive system


What does PROTEK GI target?

PROTEK GI contains ingredients that target the full digestive tract (foregut & hindgut) for total digestive health benefits. The foregut ingredients focus on forming an alkaline-slime layer in the stomach to protect the stomach lining from ulcer development. PROTEK GI also targets the stomach with gastric buffers to promote a buffered and comfortable environment in an organ that is subject to continuous acid secretion. The hindgut benefits are most notable through prebiotic fiber ingredients and a research-proven yeast strain, both of which promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and improve fiber digestion.

If you want to target foregut & hindgut simultaneously, then PROTEK GI is your product. This product is especially beneficial for horses prone to gastric ulcers.




What does PROTEK HG target?

PROTEK HG is designed to target hindgut health. Through research-proven yeast strains, the addition of super-fiber psyllium, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes, PROTEK HG is a great everyday hindgut health maintenance product. This product is also especially helpful during times of stress, illness, or management & dietary changes as it can stabilize healthy populations of bacteria and enable them to protect your horse’s health during transitions. PROTEK HG can also provide direct support to horses suffering from fecal water syndrome, diarrhea, and similar inflammatory conditions of the hindgut by upregulating beneficial bacteria and strengthening the immune response.

If you need everyday support for hindgut health or have a horse experiencing stress or illness, the PROTEK HG is your product.




Should I feed PROTEK GI and PROTEK HG together?

There is no need to feed both products together. Here’s a guide to point you in the right direction for your horse.

Use PROTEK GI if your horse:

  • Is undergoing treatment for ulcers – begin with PROTEK GI in the final week of treatment and continue for at least 4-6 weeks afterwards
  • Has a history of ulcers and is at high risk of recurrence
  • Displays signs associated with gastric discomfort (ex. ear pinning, girthiness, reluctance to go forward under saddle, inappetence)

Use PROTEK HG if your horse:

  • Has current or previous hindgut health issues (ex. Free fecal water, diarrhea, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, dysbiosis, suspected hindgut inflammation)
  • Is going through a major transition including a heavy competition schedule, high-stress environment, recent or chronic illness, moving farms, etc.
  • Is healthy and is not currently on a hindgut health product! Healthy horses also benefit from PROTEK HG

Still have questions?

Learn more about how PROTEK GI or PROTEK HG can benefit your horse or get in touch with us by visiting kelato.us or by emailing our team at info@kelato.us