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PROTEK HG: Your horse’s hindgut hero!

If hindgut health hasn’t been a priority for your horse yet, it’s time to start thinking about getting them on a targeted hindgut program.

If you’re now wondering, ‘why is this important?’, for starters, when you target hindgut health, you’re actually targeting an optimally functioning immune system, improved fiber and nutrient digestion, a healthy microbiome, and stability of healthy microflora that are susceptible to upset when change or stress occurs.

When it comes to change or stress, even under ideal conditions, these are inevitable in your horse’s life. It can be as simple as a new batch of hay, a change in the weather, or maybe even just existing as a domesticated horse. These changes cause responses in your horse’s body that can greatly influence your horse’s health - and not always in a good way.

The key to combatting this is through maintaining hindgut stability during these times and for everyday support of good health. This is why our hindgut stability supplement PROTEK HG should be on your radar.

PROTEK HG is there to support the hindgut in any situation

Microbial populations in the hindgut can shift unfavorably in response to management changes and stressors encountered in your horse’s everyday life. The consequences of these changes can lead to a wide range of health issues. Below are a few of many factors that have known potential to disrupt the healthy microbiome in your horse’s hindgut and impact health.

Factors that can cause upset in your horse’s hindgut:

  • Dietary changes – especially rapid changes in hay or feed
  • Lifestage – weaning, growth, senior status, etc.
  • Exercise and performance demands
  • Trailering or taking your horse off property
  • Disease status
  • Medication use
  • Management changes – new pasture, different feeding times, etc.

Not all signs of stress and hindgut upset in the horse are outwardly apparent. For example, did you know horses are stressed out by certain genres of music? There’s a study on that! One would never know unless it was researched, but it’s confirmed that horses have preferences in style of music.

Horses are also stressed when their friends leave the property to go to a show or elsewhere, and it can be quite difficult (if not impossible) to tell. The point here is that, if you’re wondering if you horse ever gets stressed – the answer is yes!

The good news, there are tools to help your horse, which leads us to the PROTEK HG.

PROTEK HG is targeted in its design to stabilize the hindgut microbiota when it’s faced with challenges or just the everyday life of being a horse. Stabilization is important because when the hindgut is not functioning optimally, your horse may run into issues like colic, free fecal water syndrome, colitis, chronic diarrhea, and a decreased immune system – among many health woes. Stabilization of the hindgut with PROTEK HG will give your horse's hindgut the best fighting chance to combat these hindgut issues.

The superstar ingredients that make PROTEK HG effective

PROTEK HG contains key ingredients that are research proven to nourish the good microbiota in your horse’s hindgut and upregulate beneficial bacteria to promote good health in your horse.

The ingredients that make PROTEK HG unique are:

  1. LIVE enteric-coated yeast probiotics: The yeast probiotics in PROTEK HG are coated using a specialized technology to ensure that they arrive alive to the hindgut. Many probiotics do not make it alive to the target organ of the cecum, which renders them ineffective. You can rest assured that the live microbials in PROTEK HG reach their target destination.
  2. Yeast derived prebiotics: We use specific yeast strains that work alongside super-fiber psyllium husk to upregulate beneficial microbes in the hindgut. This upregulation results in greater supply of critical microbes your horse needs to stay healthy when challenged with illness or stress.
  3. Superoxide dismutase (SOD): SOD holds the ability to protect the intestinal barrier against oxidative stress. This is a key product feature as oxidative stress in the GI tract is related to inflammatory issues that may present as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, among numerous other inflammatory conditions.
  4. Digestive enzymes: Amylase, protease and cellulase are added digestive enzymes that hold the potential to improve digestive efficiency so your horse can get the greatest nutrition from their feed and hay.

Which type of horse is PROTEK HG best suited for?

Use PROTEK HG if your horse:

  • Has had colic or episodes of digestive upset in the past
  • Undergoes frequent hay or feed changes
  • Is fed a diet high in non-structural carbohydrates
  • Is affected by conditions including free fecal water syndrome, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, or suspected hindgut inflammation
  • Is currently on medications known to negatively affect hindgut health
  • Suffers from a compromised immune system
  • Is a horse! Any horse can benefit from a research-backed hindgut health product.

Expect better total health while on PROTEK HG

Stabilizing your horse’s hindgut health is a daily practice that results in a healthier, happier horse. Whether you’re trying the product because your horse is struggling with a health challenge or if you’re feeding it as part of your horse’s optimized daily health program, you can’t go wrong with PROTEK HG!

While many report visible results and improvements in manure consistency, GI health, coat quality, and many other signs of improvement – seeing is believing.

Give PROTEK HG a try today, your horse’s hindgut will thank you!



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