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The Antioxidant Power of Melons

Every horse is subject to oxidative stress through normal daily activity including exercise, climate changes, use of medications, etc. Oxidative stress can show up as:

  • Poor recovery from exercise
  • Poor immunity resulting in impaired health status
  • Decreased growth
  • Reduced feed intake
  • Impaired fertility

BUT….. don’t be alarmed! Kelato’s PROTEK HG includes a unique antioxidant called Enzalox® that can combat oxidative stress. Plus it is a natural, rich source of primary antioxidants that is derived from melons!

Before we go any further, let's talk more about what oxidative stress is and how your horse can fight it with the power of melons. Any physical functions of a horse, for example, moving and breathing, can produce reactive oxygen species (ROS). These ROS can cause inflammation or damage in the body if there are not enough antioxidants present to inhibit their activity.

ROS are controlled by primary and secondary antioxidants to reduce their impact. Primary antioxidants include superoxide dismutase (SOD), which changes ROS into less harmful molecules. When the primary antioxidants are deficient, then the secondary antioxidants will kick into gear (ex. vitamins E, C, A, flavonoids, etc) by repairing damage and managing free radical production.

When choosing a high-quality antioxidant, look for a primary antioxidant like SOD as this will provide a heightened level of defense against the negative effects of oxidative stress.


3 modes of action of melon-derived antioxidant Enzalox ® in PROTEK HG:

- Helps maintain muscle and joint integrity

Enzalox® has been shown to decrease the activity of markers of inflammation, decrease potentially damaging enzymatic activity in synovial fluid, and lessen oxidative stress that weakens muscle integrity (Barbe et.al, 2017)

Great for horses that:

  • Compete regularly
  • Are exercised multiple times a week
- Provides a heightened level of antioxidant defenses

    Enzalox® is rich in the primary antioxidant SOD. The SOD ingested by Enzalox® stimulates the first line of antioxidant defenses by reducing the amount of free radicals that are produced in its presence.

    Great for horses that:

    • Demonstrate weakened immunity
    • Have chronic illnesses that are inflammatory in nature
    • Are on long-term medications that are known to impact health
    - Supports reproductive function

      Enzalox® has been shown to improve reproductive efficiency in mares where the number of estrus expressions, embryos, and foals per mare were increased (Haras M’aurea, 2006)

      Great for broodmares.



      When you choose PROTEK HG you can rest easy knowing that:

      • Your horse can recover optimally from exercise
      • Potent antioxidant activity protects the cellular state of your horse
      • You do not need to feed additional primary antioxidant supplements over the top of PROTEK HG
      • This is the only gut supplement you need to promote hindgut stability and fight naturally occurring oxidative stress in the body

      After starting PROTEK HG watch your horse improve their:

      • Body condition
      • Coat quality
      • Behavior
      • Manure consistency
      • Overall health

      PROTEK HG has a high palatability approval rating from horses, so much so that they will eat the pellets straight out of your hand!