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The perfect size for post-omeprazole management of equine ulcers

Today, new research will continue to evolve the way we think about managing the return of ulcers in our horses.

The ulcer recovery journey can be a long one for horse owners, which is why using PROTEK GI is as simple as it can be.

Hundreds of Americans are already raving about the success of Kelato’s PROTEK GI.


Why do so many trust PROTEK GI?

  • PROTEK GI is recommended by expert equine veterinarians
  • PROTEK GI is scientifically formulated in collaboration with world leading EGUS authority, Professor Ben Sykes
  • PROTEK GI is supported by not one, but TWO published clinical research studies.


Let’s cut to the chase. What is the new research saying?

  • The level of gastrin, the stimulus for acid production, will rise during omeprazole treatment.
  • Gastrin levels return to normal 2 – 4 days after the last dose of omeprazole. Say goodbye to slowly tapering the amount of omeprazole your horse has been using. Click HERE to check out this new research.
  • In highly ulcerogenic environments, squamous ulcers can return to pre-treatment levels in as little as 3 days. Read more HERE.
  • The use of PROTEK GI (also known as GastroAID Recovery) during this period reduced the recurrence rate of squamous ulcers in a high-risk population of racehorses. To read more on this research click HERE.


Minimize the risk of squamous ulcers returning in the crucial window after stopping omeprazole with PROTEK GI.


What does this mean for your ulcer horse?

We need to NOW focus on MINIMIZING the risk of squamous ulcers returning for the 48 hours after stopping omeprazole.

To do this we need to:

  • Implement a strict R&R (rest and recovery) that does not involve exercise or travel for 48 hours after the last dose of treatment
  • Protect the squamous region of my horse’s stomach
  • Help reduce the acidity of stomach acid


Quick ways to achieve success!

  1. Forage, forage, and more forage!

Focus on feeding enough fiber and roughage to create a fiber mat in the stomach. This will help keep stomach acid down in the bottom section of the stomach and reduce the amount of acid splashing around in the squamous region of the stomach.

Acid splashing around = higher chance of the ulcers coming back.

Look at feeding long-stem forage (a.k.a. hay) over short-stem forage (a.k.a. chaff or pellets). Why? Long-stem forage means your horse must chew more. Chewing creates saliva, which is a natural way to reduce the acidity of stomach acid.

Handy tip: Alfalfa hay is a great choice because it is one of the best types of hay to help reduce the acidity of stomach acid.


  1. Start feeding PROTEK GI 5 days before your vet has recommended stopping the omeprazole treatment.

PROTEK GI is one of the only gut health supplements that helps coat the stomach lining through its UNIQUE “alkaline slime” ingredients.

The “alkaline slime” ingredients in PROTEK GI help by:

  • Forming a barrier over the stomach wall
  • Buffering stomach pH to help reduce irritation to the stomach lining
  • Strengthening the mucosal lining in the stomach.


PROTEK GI now comes in the perfect size to use post-treatment. The 11.5lb (5.25kg) size will give you a 21-day supply for a 1102lb (500kg) horse. The perfect size for post-treatment use!

Looking for a long-term supply of PROTEK GI? We have you covered with a 23lb (10.5kg) size.


  1. Don’t forget about the hindgut!

While PROTEK GI is often thought of as ‘the stomach health specialist’, it also offers superior benefits for your horse’s hindgut health.

The additional hindgut benefits of PROTEK GI include a unique Agrimos® prebiotic and Levucell SC® S. cerevisiae SC l-1077 probiotic which work together to help:

  • Maintain the balance of established beneficial hindgut microbiota
  • Maintain a rich and diverse hindgut microbiota
  • Stabilize hindgut pH during times of change known to impact hindgut health
  • Stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria
  • Optimize feed conversion efficiency (great for improving body condition).


Choose PROTEK GI if you want to see improvements in:

  • Attitude
  • Ability to perform
  • Body condition
  • Coat quality
  • Appetite
  • Manure consistency


What’s next?

Join hundreds of horse owners who use PROTEK GI in their ulcer-prone horses. Head to protekgi.com or get in touch at info@protekgi.com