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The power of prebiotics

Most horse owners don’t think about the power of prebiotics, but these compounds are extremely powerful in promoting good health in your horse. One of the most well-studied and beneficial prebiotics comes from something you’ve definitely heard of – yeast. And when it comes to talking about yeast, the first thing most of us think about is using it to make bread or beer, but yeast can do so much more!

The sources of prebiotics in PROTEK HG include a synergistic alliance of different strains of yeasts including Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Cyberlindnera jadinii, as well as added super-fiber psyllium husk. The prebiotic heavy lifting in the formula comes from the yeast cell wall. The cell wall provides compounds called mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans, which have prebiotic activity and the power to boost the immune system.

MOS are complex carbohydrates that will adhere to harmful bacteria to reduce the chance of their colonization within the gut. β-glucans enhance the function of the immune system through activation of specific immune cell receptors which promote the readiness of immune cells against pathogens. Therefore, when you feed prebiotics to your horse, you are improving your horse’s odds of staying healthy in a very natural way!

Promoting health through the hindgut

Horses naturally go through periods of change or stress due to illness, transport, weaning, or unexpected dietary changes - just to name a few. A quality prebiotic will promote stability and up-regulation of the beneficial, illness-fighting microbes in the gut to ensure your horse will always feel their best - no matter what they’re faced with.

From those living the everyday life of a horse to those suffering from health woes including diarrhea, colic, and other conditions like free fecal water syndrome, ALL horses can benefit from PROTEK HG.                                                                                                                                   

Not all prebiotics are created equal

Below are important facts about what a quality prebiotic should encompass. The good news … PROTEK HG checks every single box!  

  • SPECIFIC: The prebiotic should be a specific, research-proven compound that demonstrates benefit to the host consuming it – in this case, your horse.
  • MANUFACTURING PROCESS IS CLEAR: Yeast prebiotic nutrients are derived from a separation process between the extract and the cell wall. The prebiotic should be developed under well-defined, monitored conditions to ensure high levels of consistent, active substances (ex. MOS and β-glucans).
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Highly pure yeast prebiotic products will have a light cream color and a typical yeast smell. The smaller and more uniform the size of the prebiotic particle, the higher the efficacy. TIP: to quickly check the purity of the isolated yeast prebiotic, place it in water. The less it dissolves, the purer the substance.
  • RESEARCH: Proven results should be provided to back up what the prebiotic says it does for the animal. PROTEK HG contains ONLY research-proven, viable sources of prebiotics.

FAQ: Can I just feed brewer’s yeast as a prebiotic?

Brewer’s yeast is an entirely different form of yeast and is the byproduct of brewing beer. This form of yeast contains spent yeast cells and isn’t strain-specific, thus the composition of prebiotic compounds, MOS & β-glucans, are often low and not guaranteed. While it may be considered a protein and vitamin B supplement, brewer’s yeast does not have the prebiotic properties the yeasts in PROTEK HG do.

Prebiotics are powerful. To help your horse feel, look, and perform their best, a daily targeted hindgut supplement containing prebiotics can be a game changer. Feed PROTEK HG daily to support a healthy, stabilized hindgut and to give your horse’s immune system the best fighting chance.