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PROTEK GI: Speed and quality recovery unlike any other product

When Bob and Katherine’s imported Irish Sport Horse began struggling with gastric ulcers, they were facing some challenges as their horse required both recovery from existing ulcers and ongoing maintenance to prevent them from returning. Despite being on various products and feeds like GastroGard protocols, Platinum Performance GI, specialized feed, and alfalfa, the speed and quality of recovery were not as expected. The horse’s ulcers would improve temporarily but then return.

Bob and Katherine also suspected an acid bounce-back issue when coming off treatment. This led to a point where they didn’t know what was working and what wasn’t.

In search of a solution, Bob and Katherine consulted their vet, who recommended PROTEK GI. They decided to swap all previous products to PROTEK GI along with prescription medicines.

After feeding PROTEK GI, their horse demonstrated improved attitude, appetite, and comfort, and successfully competed and won his section at a horse trial in as little as 10 days!

Within weeks, gastric scopes at the vet confirmed significant improvements. The horse’s gut health had improved, showing no signs of ulcers.

Overall, Bob and Katherine were delighted to see the improvements in their horse’s well-being and a big difference in the speed and quality of recovery, along with increased comfort, happiness, and relaxation.

The Irish Sport Horse they imported had really been struggling with ulcers and is now healed. They believe adding PROTEK GI took him over the finish line.

Because of the positive results, Bob and Katherine have put two more horses on PROTEK GI saying, “All three horses showed completely healthy gut conditions with no recurrence of ulcers, and they will be staying on PROTEK GI!”


Does this sound similar to what you and your horse are going through?

Try PROTEK GI and let the results speak for themselves. Thousands of happy customers and recommending vets have reported changes in:

  • Attitude
  • Ability to perform
  • Body condition
  • Coat quality
  • Appetite
  • Manure consistency


The research behind PROTEK GI
The ulcer recovery journey can be a long one for horse owners, which is why using PROTEK GI as part of your ulcer recovery plan is so beneficial! PROTEK GI is the only complete gut health supplement that is supported by not one, but TWO published clinical research studies. This research identifies a need to focus on minimizing the risk of squamous ulcers returning for the 48 hours after stopping omeprazole. How? By introducing PROTEK GI as part of your post-treatment recovery plan 5-7 days before stopping treatment.

And adding in some fundamental elements to your EGUS recovery plan such as:

  • Implement a strict R&R (rest and recovery) that does not involve exercise or travel for 48 hours after the last dose of treatment
  • Protect the squamous region of your horse’s stomach with PROTEK GI’s “alkaline slime”
  • Help reduce the acidity of stomach acid with PROTEK GI’s buffering ingredients

While PROTEK GI is often thought of as ‘the stomach health specialist’, it also offers superior benefits for your horse’s hindgut health. Read more here.

Have questions about your horse’s current situation? Send an email to info@kelato.us and our team will be happy to help!